Shaun Keenan

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Cloud Infrastructure Architect with 16 years in the technology industry and a track record for efficiently delivering creative solutions to difficult problems


  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Cloud enterprise application architecture, applications, infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as as Service (Openstack, AWS, GCE, etc)
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • DevOps Culture
  • Infrastructure development/automation (Chef, Puppet, Ansible)

Work experience

Gap, Inc March 2014 — Present

####Cloud Architect (Director) Cloud Architect for PaaS, IaaS, CI/CD

  • Architecture & strategy for Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment & usage best practices
  • Built YAML-based Jenkins pipeline, replacing old ElectricCloud pipeline - improved pipeline performance >10x
  • Mentor 40+ teams moving applications & CI pipelines to cloud services (OpenStack, Cloud Foundry)
  • Lead Infrastructure team building mobile checkout/POS solution
  • Lead CI team building pipeline & deployment tooling for mobile POS & backend services
  • Build & Deploy Next-Gen POS system (iOS, Angular, Java microservices) to 7500+ stores

Tools used daily: Jenkins, Gradle, Cloud Foundry, Docker, OpenStack (nova, neutron, glance, swift, cinder), Cloud Init, Chef, Vagrant, Berkshelf, GitHub Enterprise, Terraform January 2013 — February 2014

####Architect/Product Owner

Led an internal product team at Salesforce. Responsible for working with stakeholders & internal clients to define requirements for projects, prioritize, and work with engineers to deliver final product to requesting teams. Led team in architecture design, review, and implementation, working closely with management and client teams October 2009 — January 2013

####Lead Systems Engineer Led a team of Linux systems engineers, acting as engineer, architect, and co-product owner

  • Worked with client teams to define requirements, architecture, and finally aid the team in delivering hundreds of development environments within Salesforce, over 10,000 physical servers & VM’s
  • Acted as client liaison for all R&D teams with internal environment needs, concerns, and escalations
  • Automated provisioning for both physical and virtual (VMware ESX, OpenStack) machines running RHEL4,5,6
  • Automated storage provisioning for systems requests
  • Developed an asset management system in Salesforce, allowing engineers, management, and purchasing groups to track inventory
  • Triage for internal outages & performance issues (Contract through IPsoft) Feb 2008 — October 2009

####Lead Systems Engineer

  • Support production sites for,,,
  • Led a team of 3 on-site engineers, acted as liaison to the NOC, and customer liaison betweer Gap and IPsoft, helping with architecture for Gap web sites & internal monitoring systems
  • Systems and SAN administration of 300+ servers and 100+TB san storage
  • Change approver for all production changes; represent changes submitted by IPsoft engineers
  • Diagnose and resolve production site issues
  • Automate store closure (maintenance page) procedures, incident response
  • On-call 24x7/365 as L3 support for IPsoft NOC

Valley Oak Systems March 2007 — Feb 2008

####Sr. Linux Systems Engineer

  • Maintain 80+ Linux servers
  • Maintain a 4-system ESX cluster
  • Maintain an EMC CX300 with ~12TB raw storage
  • Part of a 3-person 24x7x365 pager rotation
  • Maintianed the entire ASP environment, hosting a java app w/ oracle backend for 60+ customers
  • Completely automated new ASP customer deployments, reducing a 120 minute procedure to <5 minutes
  • Designed and implemented a complete Change Control system using SalesForce AppExchange
  • Built an automated RedHat Kickstart + TFTP environment
  • Helped re-architect entire corp. and production network topology from a flat network to 40 VLANs, increasing stability and throughput Nov 2005 — March 2007

####Systems Engineer

  • Maintain ~200 Solaris 8/9 systems (app, web, dns, mail, ldap, db, etc) across prod, preprod, staging, qa, dev
  • Part of a 3-person 24x7x365 pager rotation
  • Maintain enterprise LDAP systems for UNIX authentication
  • Routine tasks on Foundry load balancers
  • Automation of various tasks through Perl, bash, sed, awk, crontabs
  • Helped build out a new data center for Staging and production data warehouse, totaling over 40 cabs of equipment

Ask for full resume for previous jobs 1997 — 2005

Ask for full resume for previous jobs. Did lots of web app development during these years


BS, Computer Science 2000 — 2008

####CSU East Bay Worked full time while completing a BS in computer science